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1. Ever thought of why we propagate doing Yoga from the comfortable environment of your home? Let us share some light on the topic. Yoga has been around since the Indus Valley Civilisation or 3000 BCE . It is one of the six ‘Astikas’ or Schools of Hindu Philosophical Traditions. It is mentioned in the Rig Veda and also finds mention in the Upnishadas. We generally use the term ‘Yoga’ nowadays for Hath Yoga or ‘Yoga as an exercise’.  A lot of disciples approach us to ask for the best environment to practice Yoga. We sincerely believe that your home is the best space to practice Yoga. We base our opinion on certain advantages

(a) Solitude: Yoga is as much an interaction with the mind as it is with the body. Only when you are alone you are actually able to connect with your soul. You are able to practice detachment and detachment causes the growth of one’s inner self. Try a session of Yoga with us in the environs of your home with no one to disturb you and you will experience what I am trying to convey.

(b) Its all about you: While yoga is a deeply personal practice but when we meet people in a class we try to connect with them. It is ingrained in our sub conscious mind to share experiences. But when you are alone, it’s all about you. All your energies are concentrated entirely towards you. Experience this Bliss.

(c) It develops self-awareness: Focusing on you, you start to expand your self-awareness. You start acknowledging the parts where you are holding tension in your body. You start becoming aware of how you breathe or how your mind works.

(d) You can choose your own timings: Every body is unique. Only you can judge what suits you the best, what timings are the most comfortable for you or how long do you want to continue. Practicing Yoga from your home allows you this flexibility.

(e) You can choose what you wear: When you practice Yoga with others, subconsciously you are concerned with what you wear. The social pressure of looking immaculate takes over. But in the confines of your home you can wear what you are comfortable in.

2. As if these reasons were not enough, God sent Covid-19 to convince us that solitude is essential for the inner growth. Social Distancing is going to be the norm in post Corona era. It will be advised to decreases your social exposure to bare minimum in the coming years. Hence one needs to embrace the concept of “Solo-Yoga”. We at Anubhuti Yog will help you transcend these boundaries. We will help you break free from the shackles which have been a barrier between you and a healthy body and mind. Come join us on the astounding Journey of the transformation of your body and mind.