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Anubhuti, a hindi synonym of experience and realization with common parlance “EXPERIENCE”. Anubhuti Yog dwells on this very concept giving an overall experience of inner peace, calmness and contentment. It is a habitat for true feeling of yoga experience. 

The Trust works with the intent to widespread the significance of Yoga and Meditation. It addresses the power of transformation the yoga encompasses. It also advocates the strengthening of connection of mind to the soul leading to a healthy and happy life, hence transforming the own world into more healthy-wealthy-wise world.

The Trust organizes various conferences and workshops with research oriented training and hand-on experiences. The prime motive of the Trust is to engage youth of the country to have faith and trust thereby promoting yoga themselves diligently. Character-building becomes an integral part of the training programme which is the major need of the hour.

A unique blend of various variation of yoga creating a unique fusion to fetch interest among the youth of the nation. Feeling the purity of YOGA is the USP of the Anubhuti Yog Trust.



The Trust has a holistic vision of “ जागरूक बचपन, संयमित युवा, स्वस्थ वृद्ध|

(JAGRUK BACHPAN, SANYAMIT YUVA, SWASTHA VRIDH)”,  making the mind sharp and clear, relieving stress and improving overall well-being for everyone in any phase of life.


To create, establish and maintain Yoga paradigm through education, recognition and nurturing of the present and future generations. It Trust missionize to build a Poly- Health clinic through Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Acupressure/Acupuncture, Sujok, neurotheraphy and various other forms of natural healing. The Trust also looks up for advocating the positivity of the natural healing process among youth thereby channelizing their energies in believing, practicing and hence promoting Yoga with complete confidence and preaching it across the globe.

The Trust wishes to create across the country, a dedicated and exceptionally well-trained band of teachers and instructors in Yogasan in its pristine and most scientific form.





Founder Trustee


Founder Trustee


Harjeet Kaur

Madhvi Khanna

Deepti Issar

Priyanka Gupta

Pawas Talwar


Himani Sharma

NIda Khan

Ritu Bhandari

Sheikh Shafiq Ansar

Shilpi Gupta

Harjeet Kaur

Arti Agrawal

Hr.Megha Deshpandey

Abhishek Singh Chauhan

Pawas Talwar

Nawal Kishore

Amar Chauhan


Sarita Chauhan

Lalit Goel

Niranjan Chandra

Nisha Goel

Rekha Dawar