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All Sujok Courses conducted at the Center are International Sujok Association (ISA) Certified Courses. The Certificates are issued by ISA and Free Internship Training is provided after the completion of each Course

A. Level I (Basic Course): Standard Correspondence Systems of Hands and Feet (21 hrs)

A correspondence system is a metaphysical copy of our body or its individual part that imitates both the anatomic structure and functional state of our body.There areseveralcorrespondence systems embedded in our hands and feet.These correspondence systems and our body remain in a state of constant interaction. Whenever an organ or a body part is affected by a disease, the energy flow circulating in it gets disturbed. Because of this disturbed energy flow, specific electromagnetic waves arise in that affected organ or body part. These waves travel simultaneously to all correspondence systems of our body. At the same time, in the areas corresponding to that organ or part, certain changes arise resulting in the formation of ball-like structures called correspondence globules. These globules are very sensitive and painful to press. Natural or artificial stimulation of these globules produces curative electromagnetic waves that travel back to the affected organ and normalize the state of energy there.

In Basic Course, we learn about three main correspondence systems of our body:

  • Standard Correspondence System: It is based on the structural similarity of our hand and foot to ourbody. So, as per this system, correspondences to all internal organs and parts of our body lie in each hand and foot.In hand, the thumb corresponds to head and neck; the palm to the trunk (chest and abdominal cavity); index and little finger to both hands; and middle and ring fingers to both feet. Similarly, the body correspondences are projected on the foot.
  • Insect Correspondence System: In this system, correspondence to the body lies on each finger and toe. The distal phalanx corresponds to the head, the middle phalanx to the thoracic cavity and the proximal one – to the area of the abdomen. Extremities are projected onto the lateral surfaces of the fingers/toes in the bent position, like the extremities of an insect.
  • Mini Correspondence System: In this system, the hands and feet are projectedon the distal phalanges of the fingers and toes. This system is the most effective system of correspondence in the body.

Apart from these, we learn about a few additional treatment systems of our body called partial correspondence systems, techniques of microneedling,moxibustion, and massage on correspondence points, use of Sujok therapy in emergency, basic principles of treatment including two-, three- and five-step treatment, seed therapy, rubber band therapy, etc.

B. Level II: Meridian Sujok Ki (21 hrs)

“Ki” (also called Chi, Qi or Prana) is the life force circulating in our body through specific channels or pathways called meridians. Ki flows in these channels in a cyclic sequence. This Life Energy (Ki) brings about the movement of Body, Mind and Soul particles together and thus keeps us alive. So, by harmonizing our Ki, we can harmonize the diseases occurring at Body, Mind and Soul level.

As per Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there are14 main meridians running along our body. The life energy in these meridians flows along a line. Out of these fourteen meridians, twelve are paired meridians located in the left and right half of the body and two are in midline, one being in the front of the body and one on the back. Every meridian is designated by the name of a solid (yin) or hollow (yang) organ present in the body. Every human being is born with certain quantity of energy in each meridian. The energies in these twelve meridians maintain their equilibrium independently or in relationship with other eleven meridians.

Every meridian independently has a normal upper and lower threshold of energy. When the amount of this energy is within this threshold, it is considered to be a “Normal” state of energy. This normal state doesn’t produce any symptoms and signs in the patient. But when the amount of energy rises above the upper threshold, it is termed as “Excessiveness” of energy and when the amount goes below the lower threshold, it is termed as “Deficiency” of energy. Both these conditions produce disease and discomfort to the patient.

The aim of Sujok Ki is to harmonize the state of energy in these disharmonized meridians by Tonifying or increasing the Deficient meridians and Sedating or decreasing the Excessive meridians.Meridian Sujok Ki is applied on the Byol Meridians available on our hands and feet. (Byol meridians are the reflection of Chinese Meridians of the body on our hands and feet.)Specially designed magnets called Stick Magnets or Bar Magnets are used for treatment. In addition to magnets, diodes, wires, branch and leaf of the plant, light equipment and fingers can be applied for treatment. This system of treatment shows very powerful results and is very good for treating pains and aches of the body.

C. Level III: Six Ki – Part I (Constitutional Treatment) (22 hrs)

The concept of Six Ki introduced by Prof. Park is the basis of life and explains the cause of any disease occurring inside our body and the ways to cure it. It is a holistic form of treatment in which a person is treated as a whole at physical, mental and emotional level and not just the disease. It is a consciousness treatment and involves diagnosis with Six Energies namely Wind, Heat, Hotness, Humidity, Dryness and Coldness. The life existence is the manifestation of harmonious interaction of these six energies.

The universe is full of Six Ki. Life on Earth exists only because of the existence of harmonized Six Ki. Every individual has a Metaphysical Constitution of Six Ki. Thisconstitution cannot be seen but it exists and controls all processes in the body and influences the function of internal organs. A metaphysical constitution is a certain deficiency/excessiveness structure formed by twelve internal organs according to the Yin-Yang and Six Element principles. It is a certain balance of energy of internal organs (or meridians) that may change under the influence of internal or external factors.

An individual is born with a certain constitution which is formed under the influence of several factors like movements of heavenly bodies, seasons, parent’s traits, family background, and other factors during pregnancy (Inborn Constitution). During the course of lifetime, a disease may also form a certain constitution inside the body (Disease Constitution). When the disease is acute, the constitution is changeable and dynamic. In case of chronic diseases, the constitution has a tendency to remain in a fixed state with one or several deficiency or excessiveness prevailing.

The aim of Six Ki is to harmonize the constitution of the diseased person so that the individual enjoys a complete state of health at all levels. The treatment is carried out using the Six Ki points on Byol meridians in hands and feet. Treatment is done through colors, microneedles and pulsated light pen stimulators.

Who All Can Learn Sujok Students, Home makers, Physiotherapists, Doctors, All Alternative Medicine Practitioners, Teachers and Any Individual who wants to learn this wonderful science of healing to treat themselves.